Marie Torbensdatter Hermann 1979

In 2008 Marie Torbensdatter Hermann received her MA from the Royal College of Art, having already worked from 2003 to 2007 as British ceramicist Edmund de Waal’s studio manager. Hermann’s use of porcelain, her mainly pastel color palette, and her technical command of the medium is easy to discern in her calm and delineated forms that prevails in her delicate installations. These installations, however, have their own inherent tension, fascinating and holding the attention of the viewer.

While the reference points of the objects that are the basis for the installations often hark back to the original function of the objects, it is evident that Hermann wishes to tell us more about the world that surrounds us both mentally and physically by placing the familiar in new contexts.

Torbensdatter Hermann has been exhibiting widely internationally both in the USA and France.

With Cultural Connections CC Torbensdatter Hermann has been exhibiting for a number of years, noticably COLLECT 2O11 at the Saatchi Gallery London, and now at SOFA 2O12 NEW YORK and COLLECT 2O12
the Saatchi Gallery London.


Facilitating the Nordic Applied Arts