Ninna Goetzsche; 1979-

The Bornholm School for Ceramics and Glass 2001-2004 and subsequently assistant to Julian Stair from 2004-2006 in GB. Ninna’s preferred medium is the porcelain clay, wheel turned & adapted to the required design shape, then high fired after application of subtle glazes.

Ninna made her name originally with her highly acclaimed tableware designs – resulting in a commission from the Arts council of England (2006/07), designs she is still developing.

Recently Ninna Goetzsche has entered the arena of making unique studio pieces, presenting her new pieces and concept of the PROCELAIN FOREST – at COLLECT 2010, at the Saatchi Gallery in London, cleverly adapting the vase/vessel form to her new concept.

The concept is highly original with form and glazes inspired by the oak & beech trees and the ice clad forests. Ninna Goetzsche has a ‘foot’ both in her native Denmark and here in Great Britain, having exhibited widely in both countries

COLLECT 2010/11/12 , Saatchi Gallery, Duke of York Headquarters, London(Cultural Connections CC)
COLLECT in the Country, Oxon
(Cultural Connections CC)
Spoons, Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh
TALENTE - Muenich
Ceramic Art London, Royal College of Art ,London
Danish Developments – NewBrewery Arts Centre, UK(Cultural Connections CC)
Artinclay, Nordic Tent, Hatfield House,UK,(Cultural Connections CC)
The Art of Dining, Gallery at Bevere, UK
Origin, Somerset House,London
Artspace, Oxon (Cultural Connections CC
‘Table Manners’ The Craft Council, London

Now also at SOFA 2012 NY

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