Hans Vangsøe

Born 1950, Aarhus, Denmark.

Originally a student of Gutte Eriksen, Hans Vangsøe’s forms and glazes soon evolved into the powerful and arresting works we find today: a fusion of natural materials interposed on traditional forms, emerging through the firing process into their own individual third dimension. Hans Vangsøe is very much his own man.
Most recent exhibitions in the UK, Gallery Besson, The Oakwood Gallery, Nordic Marquee, Hatfield House and 'Connections' Henley on Thames. Collect 2005-06 V&A London, Scottish Gallery 2006. Collect in the Country 2006 Henley on Thames (Cultural Connections CC)

Hans Vangso's ceramics
can be seen on our
stand No 31 at COLLECT 2007 V&A Museum, London.
25th-29th January 2008

Facilitating the Nordic Applied Arts