Jane Reumert:

Born 1942
Education :
Danish school for Arts and Craft, now Denmark's Design School
Jane Reumert is another member of the distinguished group of Denmark's top ceramicists. Her work is unique in her organic and free flowing sculptural expression,her forms all harking back to the basic vessel form , yet creating forms like the FLAME and the Snow Owl, paper thin clay, soda glazed which in spite of its delicacy maintain their unique expression and form. Jane Reumert is among the foremost in experimenting with changing and adding unusual material to the basic working material: the clay.Jane Reumert work is to be found in leading museums and institutions internationally , and is the recipient of awards and prizes from several countries.
In UK her work is represented in museums collections :The Royal Museum for Scotland.
Earlier exhibitions in the UK' From the Golden age of Denmark to The Present , Tender is the North, The Barbican, London, Gallery Besson
Recent exhibitions include: The Scottish Gallery: 5 Danish Potters curated by Cultural Connections CC.
The National Ceramics Festival, Hatfield House, St Ives Ceramics Cornwall (Solo), Artspace Henley, COLLECT V&A London, 2003, 2004 & 2005 (Cultural Connections CC) ''Connections', Barn Galleries, Henley, Collect in the Country, Henley on Thames, 2006, Collyer Bristow Gallery, London 2006: Galleri Nørby. Kbh. "Jane Reumert" Solo exhibition 2006: Steninge Palace. "Art of Clay, Steninge World Exhibition 2006" Sweden 2006: Höganäs Museum. "Strandstræde Keramik" Höganäs, Sweden. 2006: Kunstnersammenslutningen "PRO " Charlottenborg , Kbh. 2007: "Collect" Cultural Connections CC. V&A London 2007: Kaolin, "Jane Reumert" solo. Stockholm , Sweden.

Jane Reumert's ceramics can be seen on our stand No 29 at COLLECT 2007
V&A Museum, London.
8th-12th February 2007

Facilitating the Nordic Applied Arts
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