Bodil Manz:
Born 1943 -
1961-65 Arts & Craft School, now Denmark's Design School
One of Denmark's most accomplished and international well known ceramic artist
creating her fine porcelain often translucent cast cylinders, round or oval in shape and form with pencil sharp almost graphic designs transfer fired using a special technique after the initial white mat glazing.
Bodil Manz also works with sand cast vessels in porcelain.
Bodil Manz has exhibited in many countries, noticeably in the USA and is represented in the leading Museum and Institutional Collections as well as private worldwide and is the recipient of a large number of awards and international prizes.
In the Uk her work is represented in the V&A Collections, The Royal Museum for Scotland and the Comtemporary Arts Society.
Most recent exhibitions in the UK:
COLLECT 2006 V&A London (The Scottish Gallery) COLLECT in the Country 2006, Henley on Thames (Cultural Connections CC)

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