Kim Holm; 1952-

HOLM's works exude an assured know-how in form and techniques - his chosen form being the cylinder with its infinite varied possibilities of height and diameter. His glazes are remarkable, accentuated only with simple sparing decoration techniques often fired 3-4 times to achieve the depth he strives for in his surfaces - further developed after his extended recent stay in Japan.

KIM HOLM divides his time as a lecturer in Ceramics at the Aarhus Academy for the Arts with an ever growing national and international exhibition programme in Europe, Japan and the USA ( latterly Lacoste Gallery and SOFA 2008). HOLM is represented in public and private collections in Scandinavia, Holland and Germany as well as the USA (William Hull Collection).

Most recent exhibitions in the UK : COLLECT in the Country 2008, Barn Galleries Henley-on-Thames, ARTINCLAY, Hatfield House, Hatfield ,DANISH DEVELOPMENTS, Cirencester, all presented by Cultural Connections CC.

Exhibited with Cultural Connections CC at COLLECT 2009/10/11/12 The Saatchi ,Gallery and again this Year. Kim recently received a large commission from a British company.


Facilitating the Nordic Applied Arts