Danish Glass history itself is sparse. Glasshouses by the 1600 , a few famous glassmasters serving the glasshouses by 1600, as well as the king and the nobility. There was influential glass production in the 18th century at Nostetangen in Norway, drawing on English glass production skills (Newcastle area) but not until almost 100 years later do names like Holmegaard, Fyens Glasvaerk, Kastrup Glass - and from Finland, Norway and Sweden famous names like Kosta, Orrefos,Stroemberghyttan, Iittala, Notsjoe ,Riihimaen Lasi and Hadeland resound loud and clear conjuring up visions of beautiful, refined , and innovative glass , right into the 20th and 21st century.
Contemporary Danish Studio glass presents a well balanced selection of glass practices : hot glass, fused glass, slumped glass techniques vie with innovation and new design methods ,combining a fusion of usefulness and/or beauty in each glass object, whilst not forgetting the unique & sculptured pieces mixing other media with glass in an ever developing search by the glass artist to create .In particular in Denmark today the trend is towards the individual studio glass workshop/gallery, and individual glass artists are establishing themselves internationally, whilst in some of the other Scandinavian countries, famous glass artist/designers are still based within the leading Glass works.
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