Danish Ceramics' continued acknowledged place within the world of ceramics is due to it its clear and delineated design, functionalism and ultimate beauty of form and texture.

What we today understand by Studio Ceramics was born out of a long line of functional pottery and potters gone by, which crystallized around the end of the 19th century -due to both economic and political reasons - into an acknowledged art form within the applied art group - supported and nurtured by the big developing porcelain factories, where in particular in Denmark , artists from different media (painters, sculptors, chemical engineers), all were drawn together into a seething hotpot of innovative methods of glazing, form and design. These creative 'hot houses' lasted for most of the 20th century.

The creative centers were furthermore supported from the mid 20th century by a formalized educational program in the art of 'potting', this winning combination is today - in the 21st century - represented by a group of superb world renowned ceramicists and an emerging group of talented heirs, where the tendency is no longer the 'hot houses' of the big porcelain factories, but the individual studio ceramist with own studio workshop. Both the work of the 20th and the 21st Century ceramicist are to be found within Cultural Connections CC collection.

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Facilitating the Nordic Applied Arts

  Mette Augustinus Poulsen Kim Holme
Beate Andersen

Alev Abuzziya Siesbye

Bente Hansen Inger Rokkjaer
Jane Reumert